Friday, March 13, 2009

priceless chapter in my life!

do u ever miss ur previous time in school??
do u ever miss ur frens damn much?
do u ever miss someone so much
until u wanna hold them tight in ur arms??

at dis moment..
really3 miss my schoolmates damn much!

thanx so much 4 understanding me..
u r a very great fren i ever had
our memeories in SSP for 5 years..
n a few months in KMPP..
i will never forget!

didie,mizah and amy
u r da best teammates i ever had..
thanx 4 ur support when we were in basketball team..
i still miss to play basketball with u gurls..

keep on joining open tournament..
keep on winning them all as u gurls did..
never ever forget to share da prizes wif me!

dikteen,khad,jojo,pondot,mas, che bie
i hope our memories in SSP will be in mind forever..
really2 love to hang out wif u gurls just like before!
miss 2 hear dikteen n jojo merepek..
miss 2 hear khad n mas bgaduh..
miss nk dgr ur laugh, che bie!
do u still remember
where did we get dat nickname 4 u??

miss to stay up n study wif u gurls..
mkn maggi too!

hope can hangout wif u gurls more often..
before u gurls get married..

whenever i feel lonely..
i think about u gurls..
think how u gurls had filled up my life
with ur laughter~

whenever i feel sad..
i think about u gurls..
think how u gurls had made me laugh
eventho i was sad..

whenever i miss u gurls,
i keep on remembering
our best time together!

love u gurls sgt3..
forever friends!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

thanx a lot 4 da surprise birthday party!


"wh0's dat?"



"wh0's dat?"

"mimie,sarah here!could u please c0me downstairs for a while?da RA would like to see u"


"yup!and shen ann too"

"OK!neway y?"

"just come downstairs!h
urry up.."


"wait!could u please wear smthg more proper?dun forget ur tudung too!"

"uik!y??lorh!mlsnye..yela2.give me some time.ok?"

"ok.hurry up!"

~after a few minut


"hepi birthday to u~
hepi birthday to u~
hepi birthday to mimie
n shen ann~
hepi birthday to u~"


a surprise birthday party for me and shen ann..
we never expect this from
u guys..
gh i know u all love both of us very much!!
thanks to all my friends who are involved in organizing this party..
for those delicious and great food..

vimal and lee
for da pizza!delicio

for da prawn cracker!nak lg :)

for sandwiches and

farouk and khairudin
for spaghetti and puding roti!yummy~

to mard n s
those hand-make cakes sgt3 tempting..
really2 like them..

they prepared all those food when i went to ba
dminton try-out in the gym..
before i went there..
i asked mard and su to come a
they kept on refusing to follow me~

su said she's tired and need some rest..
mard said if we dun need to pay to enter the gym..
she'll follow me!

the gym is not mine..

so we have to pay my dear!!
really2 frust..
rase nk mrajok je~


i knew their reason!

meghe n sarah didn't said a thing about this to me
when we were on our way to th
e gym..
both of u are really good in keeping secret..
lina too!

to all cohort 5 Macquarian
and not to forget


~thanx for everything~

~i didnt expect di party n really2 appreciate it!~
~thanx for da lovely presents a
nd cards!~
~thanx again..~
~u guys cherish my day in sydney~

love u guys!!mmuuaahhhx~

Monday, March 9, 2009

withOut thEm~

celebrating my 21st birthday

without my family by my side

is what i called


celebrating my 21st birthday

without my best buddies by my side

is what i called


miSs my fAmiLy~

miSs my bEst bUddiES!!


specially for my beloved sister~

i dedicate this lovely pink cake to my
beloved younger sister , nUR atHirAh zOLkEpLi who are now 8 years old on
10th March 2009

< bOth oF us wErE bOrN on dA sAmE dAtE>

hApPy biRthdAy tO yOu~

HaPpy biRthDay tO yOu~

hAppY biRtHdAy tO aDik~

hApPy biRthdAy tO yOu!

hAppy 8th birthdAy

  • May ALLAH bless you always..
  • study smart and grab best results..
  • make abah and mak proud of you..
  • don't be too boyish!!
  • k.LOng LOVEs yOu so mUch eventhough she aLways bully you~

oNCe agAin...

k.LONg LOvEs yOu dAmN muCh!!!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

my pAssiOn~

dun know why suddenly tonite i feel like WRITING my blog..
just want to AVOID my mind from thinking about YOU~
i have to MAKE myself busy..
i HAVE to!

last week i've finished reading a novel..
"Something borrowed" by EMILY GIFFIN..
a very INTERESTING novel for me..
LOVE and FRIENDSHIP thingy..

this is another book i bought last week..
"an offer u cant refuse"
by Jill Mansell~
i've read a novel by JILL MANSELL before..
"make up your mind"
really2 interesting story..
hope dis 1 will be as interesting as before..
hope can buy ALL jill mansell's novels..
so have to allocate my ALLOWANCE for novels..
it's not a big deal as long as i can read the novels~

another book i bought today..
eventho i haven't read the jill mansell's novel yet..
which i bought earlier..
it's an offer i cant refuse
as 'the holiday' by erica james is only worth me below $6..
it's cheap rite??
an offer which i can NEVER refuse!!
hehe :)


i hate liar!!

for me honesty is the best policy..
no matter what u do..
u must be honest eventho it hurts!
truth is always hurtful rite??
its better to hurt now than later..
to anyone who has friends..
just be honest to them..
eventho its hard..
be honest!!
it's worth to have an honest friend rather than having 100 friends who lie to u~

how much i miss u~

just dont know how to put into words..
how much i miss u sooo much..
how i miss my family damn much..
how i miss malaysia very much!

eventho almost a month in sydney..
still missing them..
for every moment in my life here..
still keep on thinking about them every moment before i fell asleep..
still hoping dat these two years pass by very fast..

its not that i'm not grateful for the chance to be here today..
just to admit dat i'm not dat strong enough..
not really strong as i thought..
to be apart from them..
for quite a long time..