Saturday, May 30, 2009

being teachers??!

those who are not going to be teachers think that being a teacher is an easy job

they think that teachers are lucky because teachers have longer holidays

they think teachers only teach students about particular subjects

But we, future teachers believe that it is not that easy and gonna be tough for us for the first few years

We know that our job is far more important than just only teaching students about science, math, physics, chemistry, language etc

We know that we need to educate our younger generations who are going to be leaders of the nation and serve their country well

That is how we, future teachers feel about being teachers~


Mohd Zamri [The Z A M] said...

lol... It might sound lame... but, that's how the fact is...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...


asyraf said...
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asyraf said...

klu doktor membuat kesilapan,
seorang pesakit mati,

jika jurutera buat kesilapan,
beribu nyawa hanya akan hilang..

tetapi jika guru ,membuat kesilapan,
seluruh bangsa dan negara akan runtuh~!!!

pndpt je...