Saturday, September 5, 2009

am i normal?

why am i being so SENSITIVE lately?

the older i get,the more i don't understand myself..

am i the only who suffer from this undefined feeling?

is it normal to feel this way?

we can close our eyes to the things we do not want to see..

but can we close our heart to the things that we do not want to feel??


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

1st thing 1st.

Hahahaha. x bley blah tol cz aku nye speaker tgh psg kuat, ttbe dia stat, "IF I WERE!.." hahaha. sengal.

Well believe me, its all abt patience my dear. Dun wori, He has made the best for u. Its da patience u'll need to get the best him in ur life. Dun let urself down. Missing sumbody is tear hard, but one day u'll see the light giving u direction. okay?

Senyum skettt....... ;))

mimiezolkepli said...

i criusly wish u were here :(
i miss herculean 0105 so much..
miss every moment we were together..
wish i dun have to be an adult..
every moment with u gurls is the best~
all we did is having fun eventho bz ngn study..
chit chatting,laugh our heart out loud for everythg eventho its not funny at all..
no need to think about all the 'adult' problems..
having fun is the only thing we know and enjoy most..
wish i could turn back time :(
neway having u as one of my frens is da greatest thing in my life!
thanx :)
ckop2 la melatah 2 alang..
decrease ur lappy's volume..
hahaha!i miss u~
muaahhx :)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Hahaha. I already did; b4 I click on your link again to reply this! XDD

Yeah.. School life rocks! Never mind the lame blue-white uniform, the most hated juniors the whole 5 years! *HAHAH* but seriously that was the greatest life ever!

It was the moment where we cried whenever we wanted to, we screamed whenever we felt like throwing all out loud, laughed evilly like no devil can challenge *haha. ok exaggerated, i know* but yeah, I personally miss that too..

I miss all of the sempoi and ikot-suka-aku-lah herculeans!! Like these years after we left school, despite of everything that has changed, I also admit that being young and devilish was really fun and stress-free. TOTALLY.

Anyhow mimie, I wish I can be there for you by now too, but hey, what's so powerful than a true friendship can do, isn't it? We learn everything by heart, believe whatever that comes to us, and we'll succeed. Ok?

Jaoh di mata, dekat di hati mimi.. :))

mizahanafi said...

aku bace korg nye ayat sayu plak aku..huhuhuhu..
i miss ssp so much too!huhuhuhu=(

kammabdullah said...


tumpang lalu skett..*rsau plak tbe2* :P

bkn ko sorg je mi rase begituu...
ak yg ensem ni pon rase cmtu..
mmg tak dpt nk ditolong weyhh..
tatau mane silapnye...
kite doa je la byk2 k..
ak ni pon, tggl iman yg seciput ni je yg kuatkan ak.heee
lap u mimi...!

SyapaDoNut said...

satu je pengubat hati.
sila turun brissy lagi..yeahh


dekteen said...

mimie yg bambam~!!!

meh2 jadi follower blog aku

mish u lalink! :))